RentACoop 4 Pack of Auto-Fill Watering Cups with Four Pack of Tees Fittings for 1/2" PVC Piping

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  • :rooster: Water flows automatically into cups without tabs to push - The cups are always half full - Watch video to see how it works
  • :rooster: An amazing solution for clean water for chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys etc. Great for 80'+ days - Hens can dip their wattles in cup of water
  • :rooster: Perfect for gravity fed systems (attached directly to a bucket) or systems with a float valve or pressure regulator. 3 PSI is the maximum pressure for the cups to work properly
  • :rooster:1/2" Schedule 40 Plastic Piping with 1/8" FTP threads to be used with 1/2" PVC piping
  • :rooster:Has UV Inhibitor to keep the Tee from becoming brittle in the sun

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