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My wife Diana and I started RentACoop in 2012, just a few years out of college. Back then it was simply a chicken coop rental business. We added a chick hatching program in 2013 which has put smiles on many faces. In 2014, using all of our knowledge we gained from chicken coop rentals, we began creating easy to use, time-saving solutions for the long time unchanged chicken supplies market.  We used feedback from all our customers plus our own experience in keeping 150 hens and chicks year round to create some of the most innovative and highest rated chicken feeder and waterer designs on the market. Our favorite part of our businesses is arriving at a house/school with the chickens and seeing the kids’ faces light up and knowing the we’re saving those in the chicken community hundreds if not thousands of hours per week in chicken chores.
We hope to continue supplying these unique products and programs for years to come!
- Diana and Tyler Phillips

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