10-Pound Poultry Feeder

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  • 🐓 Package includes (1) 10lb Feeder which can be installed inside or outside of your coop on wood or wire. Dimensions are 5.5 x 5.5 x 17 Inches
  • 🐓 The 10lb Feeder prevents feed spill and is 100% waterproof and 100% BPA-Free. The design also deters rodents and wild birds from stealing and contaminating your chicken's feed. Save $$ on Feed costs with this feeder
  • 🐓 Comes with all necessary hardware including 2 screws for installing on wood and 2 custom metal hooks for hanging on any type of wire (even 1/2" hardware cloth)
  • 🐓 Suitable for all types of feed - Pellets, Crumbles, Grain and Scratch
  • 🐓 For Poultry 12 weeks and older only.

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